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Our White Label Crypto Exchanges may easily incorporate any number of payment channels, eliminating the need to sort an exchange. “…bitcoin will be the currency to obsolete all others [monies].”, with that being said, you could say that Fidelity, one of the biggest money managers, probably would know a thing or two about money and its future. You can join a bigger exchange network, with each network member sharing liquidity. Plus, the more extensive the network, the larger the liquidity you can access. Your success with this will depend mainly on the banking rules in your incorporating country. Crypto companies tend to find it harder to partner with banks in regulated markets.

White-label crypto exchange software providers often offer affordable ongoing support and maintenance packages, making the long-term operation of an exchange business more wallet-friendly. That’s where white-label crypto exchange software offers a cost-effective and efficient solution. Below, we’ll dive into what white-label solutions are and why they’re so essential in digital currency and blockchain technology — especially for startups eyeing crypto exchange business as a promising business model. Your white label crypto exchange software should have robust security features.

Licensing costs

Our expertise can lead you to launch a cryptocurrency exchange bolstered with numerous facets that can benefit everyone without a doubt. Centralized exchanges operate with controlling entities that govern and execute various operations on the platform. It wasn’t until
crypto exchange kits and DeFi was released that it was even possible to build upon money and now the whole fintech space has been turned upside down.

  • As illustrated above, the typical cost to build a regular e-commerce website from scratch can range from $50,000 to $100,000.
  • Amongst all things, the trade engine should be fast and able to handle multiple requests in a second.
  • The P2P crypto exchange model facilitates direct user-to-user trades without intermediaries and includes an escrow protection mechanism.
  • A white-label is a service produced by a singular company that is rebranded by other businesses.

Allow for fast trading operations and provide a platform where your users can secure and storage their digital assets. White-label exchange software comes to the rescue by drastically reducing the development time and the time to market. Since the essential infrastructure is already in place, businesses can focus on customization and branding, saving time. WL solutions are gaining popularity among businesses looking to speed the process of creating their bitcoin exchange platforms, especially during periods of market growth. White labels represent the perfect method to ensure that, given that the requirement isn’t absolutely unique and complex.

Liquidity Solutions

You also need to verify the profile of the technical team members to ascertain that they have extensive experience in providing white label crypto exchange solutions. A white-label cryptocurrency exchange software enables you to launch your cryptocurrency exchange platform within a short period of time. Thus, you can quickly avail your digital assets on the crypto market within a short time. A white-label cryptocurrency exchange is a pre-built trading platform that can be rebranded and customized by a third party to launch their cryptocurrency exchange.

white label cryptocurrency exchange software

Still, the cost and time consideration makes white label solutions a worthy alternative. The cost of a white label crypto exchange can vary depending on factors such as required features, customization options, provider choice, and additional services or support. Typically, the cost ranges from 10,000 to 50,000 USD for setup and customization. Additionally, there may be ongoing fees for licensing, maintenance, and support. Research and compare quotes from different providers to obtain an accurate estimate based on your specific needs.

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Most white-label software solutions won’t provide the code to download test and tinker with, however, HollaEx’s white-label crypto kit is an exception with its open-source code freely available for anyone to take it. It is important to note that the $500,000 — $900,000 build cost does not factor in other business aspects such as legal, marketing, crypto liquidity, market making, and server costs. A crypto white-label solution typically encompasses highly a set of customizable features and dashboard to assist in the setup and launch of the exchange. The KYC process typically involves collecting and verifying information about a customer’s identity, including their name, address, and date of birth. So, to provide liquidity, your platform will need to attract investors and traders. Like the decentralized exchange, it uses smart contracts to eliminate the need for a middleman.

white label cryptocurrency exchange software

AlphaPoint, with our secure and stable institutional-grade software technology, is the trailblazer in this field — and can help you blaze trails of your own. White-label cryptocurrency exchange software gives you cutting-edge encryption protocols like SSL/TLS, which are like your data’s bodyguards during transmission. Multi-signature crypto wallets add another layer of protection, requiring multiple keys for transactions Crypto Faucets and making sure funds stay safe. Competitors will be stuck rebuilding their in-house solutions while you quickly pivot and take advantage. ChainUP is a leading global provider of white label bitcoin exchange solutions. ChainUP’s Software-as-a-Service business model simplifies the installation of entire or chosen modules such as Crypto-Crypto, Over-the-Counter (OTC), and User-to-Contract transactions.

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These higher-tier plans provide more extensive functionality for businesses with specific needs and requirements in the crypto space. Velmie is a trusted financial technology provider with a white-label solution for crypto exchanges. Their platform is scalable, reliable, and secure, offering fast time to market, end-to-end support, and a wide network of partners.

However, selecting the best white label crypto exchange requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure a secure, customisable, liquid, and compliant platform that meets the specific needs of your business. Historically, setting up a cryptocurrency exchange has been a complex process. But with the introduction of white-label solutions, it has become much more accessible. Starting with a white label crypto exchange means you won’t have to start from scratch. White-label cryptocurrency exchanges offer a quick and cost-effective alternative to traditional exchange development.

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The extremely flexible nature of our Whitelabel crypto exchange solution means that deciding on and launching your platform only takes a matter of days. Our experts assist with all facets of the process to ensure you have the perfect solution in hand. Lastly, for business savvy people they may find that the centralized exchange that HollaEx offers to be advantages for fiat currencies. The white label can easily integrate fiat payment systems or even a bank of your choice. This fiat-to-crypto connection
is much more difficult to pull off with a decentralized exchange. Real-time error checking ensures that every transaction on the platform is thoroughly vetted as it happens.

white label cryptocurrency exchange software

The cost to build crypto exchange can may depend on the type of crypto exchange you are going to build, how many features, likelihood of technical infrstructure and so on. Zircap is a regulated cryptocurrency exchange with its own native token that makes it simple and safe for users to trade a wide variety of crypto tokens. 07 Include Liquidity ProviderInclude strong liquidity providers (LPs) with your exchange to ensure the exchange has tokens/coins available for trading at any time. 06 Integrate Crypto WalletIntegrate popular crypto wallet APIs with your exchange to provide your customers with hassle-free crypto trading experiences anytime. 01 Choose TypeChoose the type of crypto exchange (centralized/decentralized/hybrid) you want to build and opt for the relevant Whitelabel solution. Thinking of making your exchange shine in today’s crypto market while making it easier for admins to operate in the long run?

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange

With the help of our exchange platform, which is packed with enticing features, a fascinating user interface, and unbreakable security, get your crypto exchange business level up with incredible profits. White label crypto exchange solutions are a convenient and cost-effective way to start a digital asset exchange business. These ready-made software platforms are designed, developed, and tested, and can be easily customized to meet your specific needs.

CME Group and The Royal Mint embarked on a collaboration leveraging AlphaPoint’s software to transform the way that market participants can trade gold. The El Salvadoran government partnered with AlphaPoint to support the frontend and backend infrastructure that powers Chivo bitcoin wallet. Toni is a Fintech Analyst with over 8 years of experience in the financial industry where he worked as a financial control analyst at a regional bank and later conducted independent investment research analysis. You can also read case studies that describe how the platform has been used by established exchanges such as Coinext and Bitex. Let’s explore how USDT transactions work, supported blockchains, and how long they take to transfer. However, some white-label software kits such as HollaEx’s exchange kit can be set up in 15 minutes (with little tech know-how).

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